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Whether we choose to burn or maintain bridges in our lives ends up making more of a difference than we may think. Eventually I’d like to walk/bike across all the NYC bridges and cross that off my ever growing list of to-do’s #latergram #nyc #manhattanbridge #pictureaday (at Manhattan bridge arch)

Lately, I’ve spent a lot of time playing 52 pickup with myself. Except there seems to be at least quadruple the number of cards left scattered on the floor, misplaced, ripped, hiding in forgotten crevasses, or otherwise damaged. What’s worse is that I keep dropping the same ones over and over again and then keep finding more cards. I need to get my deck in order, in all seriousness, before I can start playing my hand again.


The Mint Julep. A classic recipe for a classic horse racing cocktail.

Def need to try this soon.



Colugo (Flying Lemurs)

The other day while I was checking humor site Cracked I learned from this Southeast Asia cute mammals. Say “hello”, those are Colugos. 

Colugos are called Flying Lemurs but they are not lemurs but Cynocephalidae closer to primates and they don’t fly either but glide. And boy are they good gliders, they can go as far as 70 meters without losing height. Nocturnal animals they eat flowers, leafs and fruits and are clumsy climbers and even clumsier on land. 

There are two species: Philippine Flying Lemur and Sunda Flying Lemurs. They are protected but it’s mainly destruction of habitat what threats them. I thin they are cute but as all the space between limbs is membrane they look a little disturbing sometimes.

And that’s the Colugo!

Obscure animal of the day.


Mario and Link team up to fight the forces of evil in this awesome video game illustration by artist Billy Allison (aka “Bleee”). Prints, apparel, iPhone cases and more are available to purchase at Redbubble and Society6.

This piece is also a reference to one of the first sci-fi films ever made called A Trip To The Moon (1902), which was directed by Georges Méliès.

Teamwork by Billy Allison (Tumblr) (Facebook)

via Blimation | Gamefreaks

Dope - Mario, Link, Melies

hehe Mr. Finger says Happy New Year

My whole face itches argh >=o #noshavenovember

Lovin’ the effects and soundtrack.